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Hello Nikesh…nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing good. Thanks for the pointer. Yes I was looking to start a local group here, if that’s possibe.
Hi @Mor and @nealbastek, can you point me to where should I begin with starting the local group in Thailand.



Hello @BiplovBhandari, I think in the Open Knowledge wiki, you can find information about staring a local group.


Hello every one,

I’m Alexandre Bonnasseau, a great fan of datapackages I discovered a few moths ago.

I’m employed at as a backend software architect. I work on the conception and coding of mapping servers on a heavy load and also on making large data production process repeatable.

But at the moment I’m having a sabbatical year for travelling… And working on my pet project : tuttle , a make for data.

I’m also working on a datapackage that will aggregates precipitation history data all over the world… With tuttle, obviously !


Brilliant stuff Hannes I’m in Australia doing similar : )


Hi, community!
My name is Haklae Kim, I am working in South Korea. I’m advisory committee of Korea Open Data Forum, and have spent several activities regarding open data and linked data in Korea.


Hi all,
I’m Seonho Kim from South Korea, working at Saltlux which is well-known as a semantic technology company in Korea.
Personally, I have activities for Open Knowledge Korea with @Haklae_Kim who left a message above, and responsible as a managing director for ODI (Open Data Institute) Seoul Node.



Sorry for the late reply, we had a staff summit, so we are a bit slow. My apologies!

Here is the form for the community organiser - please sign there first! :slight_smile:



Hi all,

I am Sherafgun Usmani from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am affiliated with Open Knowledge as Core Team Member at Open Knowledge Pakistan. I believe Open Data can let to more transparency in our lives. Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile for further details.

Sherafgun Usmani


Hello all,
I am Shaigan Rana im now pursuing a Post graduate degree in internet marketing from Iqra University Islamabad, Pakistan. My research focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and open access to international markets.i have interest and several years experience in internet marketing, content writing, Business development and direct sales. i am affiliated with open knowledge as a Core Team member at Open Knowledge Pakistan.
Here is the link to my Linkedin Profile for further details.

Shaigan Rana



Silona here. I have been involved in OpenData since 2004 with the Transparent Federal Budget Project with Bill Bradley and Jimmy Wales.

I have been involved in large datasets since 1989 in dBase 3 plus when we thought 120 MB was huge! I also founded the project asking that all government data that was bought with taxes to be free and available to the public in 2006.

I have also been very involved in Free and Open Source Software and Open Hardware. And helped bring Maker Faire to my home city of Austin Texas in 2007.

My LinkedIn profile is
and my Twitter handle is

Great to see such an international bunch. I was super happy to attend an Open Data Codeathon in Bangkok last year while I was facilitating one on open hardware hacking. I had never dreamed when we did our first one in Austin in 2005/6 that they would go so far in 9 years.

Cheers all!



I teach international law, US contract law, WTO law, and international contract law to undergraduate business students in Seoul, South Korea. I attended Open Knowledge’s first meetup in Seoul and became very interested in volunteering for your projects! Looking forward to being an active member of this community.


@Shubha, It’s great to see you again here! There are tons of projects going on under the name of Open Knowledge. I bet you can find something you’d like to contribute to.


Hello, I’m a senior advisor at the Ministry of Finance in The Netherlands. Educating myself via Harvard Data Science certificate to combine economic, policy and data science / big data. Just started working wit open data at Dutch government and international data via the usual databases like quandl. best, Tjeerd.


Hi folks. I’m a community organizer with interest in civic infrastructure and data standards.

I’ve instigated and led the Open Referral initiative, which is establishing interoperability among the information systems that connect people in need to resources made available by governments and non-profits. See here for more:

We’ve developed a data specification for human service directory information, which uses the tabular datapackage format to bundle a complex set of CSVs. That’s how I came to this list, where I’ve learned a lot already. Looking forward to learn more!



I’m Alfredo from Rome, Italy.
Thanks for inviting me following and joining the discussions, and sorry for taking so long since introduce myself: it’s great to have the chance to follow the activities of OKFN.

My interests range from data design, to interactions and multimedia: I work as a freelancer teacher and consultant.
I was involved in project related to digitalization, cultural heritage and open data publishing, focusing on topics like linked (open) data / graphs, and search / information retrieval, often giving support to small companies for their acquisition of practical knowledge in those specific fields.

I love opensource, I love opendata, I love knowledge sharing in general. I’d like to do much more than I do for the community, but unfortunately the bucket with my time has always some hidden hole… :smile:



My name is Adams Agalic from Ghana. I have a degree in computer science and economics. I am very much interesting in creating a thriving open data ecosystem in my country. My interests are in data journalism and data visualisation.

I am part of a community of civic hacktivists called Code for Ghana: a group of journalists and software developers using open data to drive social change.


Hello everyone, I’m Nancy Lemay a digital humanities librarian at the University of Ottawa, Canada. I’m really glad I found out about the Canadian local group. Making data available to students is quite important to me. Students want to be passionate about their class projects and how batter to make it appealing to them than to have some Canadian open data. Since I’m working in national capital and we have so many GLAM institutions in Ottawa, I’m hoping to be able to work more with the local GLAM institutions to make their collections (primarily archival collections) available to students and researchers. I’m seeing to many professors using DPLA data, nothing against DPLA, but we need to spend more time on curating and promoting public engagement around Canadian content.

This is my profile summary from LinkedIn (to sum up my work experiences):
Nancy is currently a Digital Humanities Librarian at the University of Ottawa and is particularly interested in digital asset management of complex and diverse research data collections (both born digital and not) in the digital humanities. Nancy is involved in HGIS research projects and network analysis research projects. Prior to this, Nancy worked as social science data specialist and GIS Librarian.

Nancy’s professional history includes usage of DDI metadata standard to facilitate access to survey data and geospatial metadata standards (FGDC and ISO19115) to facilitate discovery and dissemination portions of the data life cycle.

Nancy received her MLIS from McGill; she completed her MSc. in Earth Sciences at University of Ottawa. She received her B.A. undergraduate degree with honors in Environmental Studies and Minor in Geography from University of Ottawa.


Hi Nancy,
Bienvenue au forum OK. Je t’invite à suivre les fils du groupe : local-group/Canada

Le groupe organise l’#OKFESTMTL qui se tiendra le 12 avril à Montréal.

Au plaisir


Bonjour Diane,

Oui, je vais suivre notre groupe local. Concernant l’#OKFESTMTL est-ce qu’il faut s’enregistrer à WWW2016?

Au plaisir,


Il n’est pas nécessaire de s’inscrire. La programmation préliminaire et Inscription devraient être publiés fin janvier