OGP Summit - Last minute accommodation?



Hi All, I’ve neglected planning for the OGP Summit and now, with such short advance, everything is incredibly expensive. If you live in Paris - or you travel there from abroad and got a large Airbnb or something - have you got any advice for me, or may I join you wherever you’re staying?

Get in touch, giacecco@dico.im . Thanks!



Tagging our team in France that might have some ideas - @pzwsk @sam_azl @samgta @CecileLG


Sorry @giacecco, I live near Marseille so I can’t host you.

A friend told me you should call them for cheap accommodation, their website almost always says it’s full but on the phone they often available rooms: http://www.cisp.fr/cisp/

Have you tried hostels? I stayed once at Generator, it can be noisy at night but it’s clean, cheap and well located. I found some available beds when I looked at it: https://generatorhostels.com/fr/destinations/paris/


Hi Mor,

This is Yinglee from the US but also one of the OK Taiwan as well.
Hope to have more time to talk to you in Paris this time.
Please include me if there is something coming up within OK circle. Thanks.



Will be great to see you!
Have you seen our event with OK France?


Yes. I will attend. I did recall the time posted earlier was conflicting
from the reception from the organizer.
Thanks for reminding.