Open Knowledge France Meetup 30 June 2016

@samgta @okfr @sylvia_fredriksson I will be in Paris the week of the 27th of June and wanted to suggest organizing a meetup e.g. on Thursday the 30th of June.

What do people think? Who would be up for helping organize?

Sorry @rufuspollock, I won’t be in Paris. Maybe @pzwsk is available.

Same, I will be in Berlin at that time.

OK, sounds like this one is not feasible. I am still around the following week in paris if people want to do something that week (week of the 4th of July).

It would be great to do a meetup with you again but I think we need a bit more preparation, just even to find a location. When is next trip to Paris or elsewhere in France?

@samgta the problem is I do not always have that much notice. After this one I am not exactly sure …