OK Official publisher - Discussion

Hi all,
I hope I find you good!

In another discussion, a related-person with OK said the only way to attract a lot of people to the cause is to raise the incentive levels of doing so. He suggested creating connections to the job world, but that is severely tough and it can jeopardize the group’s union and we don’t want that. Later that evening, I was brainstorming myself and thought about creating our own publisher to advert our own researches.

I admit I haven’t thought about it through, meaning I have no idea about how it would work and in what scope. Personally, that is something we can think of, if we all believe that having an official publisher would benefit OK. It will be a hard task, since we do want it to follow all of the foundation’s principles and everything we have done so far. However, it is doable.

Thank you for your attention.