Introducing OKI's local groups printing pot!

Hello network members,

New year, new SWAG (Giveaway, prints, pick your favourite word!)! As promised in the network guidelines, we are happy to support all of your printing needs (or at least as much as we can)! We call it the Local groups Printing pot, and we are excited about it!

How is it going to work?

Each OK group that is stated on our network page (as a chapter, group or affiliate) can ask for a claim of between $200-$400. No need to send us any receipts - just send us receipts, the picture of the product, it can be a flyer, stickers, hats, T-shirt, or even a keychain, and send us this claim form to and . Why a picture of the product you ask? So we can share it on social media and spread the Open Knowledge and Open Data love. <3

In addition, to be more transparent, we will publish who got money from the printing pot and how much they received. You can see it here. We will also actively update when the pot will reach $2000 and $400, so you will be aware of its flow.

This printing pot is on first comes first serve basis, and we might be extended if it will show demand. A group can apply only once per pot, so take this in mind.

Let the printing begin!

@chapter_leads @samgta @jury.konga @YasGarcia @Masa @francescadechiara @nikeshbalami @edobejar


thats a really great idea.

additionally, i want to offer another additional idea. Wouldnt it be great, to order the basic articles centrally for all chapters? For example the open science, open knowledge and open data stickers we in AT created last year could be of value for all chapters, and printing gets cheaper by number of stickers. Getting 1000 pieces of them costs ~50€, but 10.000 only 220€. this saves time and money. just collect the needs by the chapters and they can order 1-2 times a year new stuff.

So, we were thinking about that, but than postage can be expensive. If we have an OKFest this year, than we can consider another iteration when we can print in bulk and give it to groups on the event.

Also, thank you to OKF Austria for the brilliant pic of the stickers, it is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

I think we are the first one to receive it :p, You can mark paid/received in the sheet.

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Will do. I also changed the link to the claim form, the one that was earlier was the wrong one. Here it is - Groups printing pot summary - Google Sheets

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Great! We’re going to make T-shirts for the new Open Spending leaders

Hello Mor,
Happy new year, and thanks for the opdates we just enlarge our local networks in Cameroon. We will be taking advantage of the new year amazing swag by doing printings for our Yaoundé group. We want to make it amazinglyBig and presentable.Check the past open data day pictures bellow.Will it be something of this nature?

ay dvantagem Yahoo Mail on networkid

Everyone, please pay attention that we now need receipts for the priting. Please email me if you applied - @arielkogan @nikeshbalami

Sure, will email you soon :slight_smile:

Hi all,

we refilled our stock of stickers to be ready for the next season of events and activities :slight_smile:
Who can I send the receipt and claim form to?

Thanks for the support,