Open Education Working Group in Belgium - Kickoff meeting



We’re about to launch a new Open Education working group in Belgium under the umbrella of Open Knowledge Belgium. On 15 February, we’ll have a kickoff meeting where we’ll bring different actors together and discuss how to make universities and colleges more open.

A first draft of our open education manifesto is available on - any feedback from your side?

Feel free to join us on 15 February in Brussels:

All the best for 2017,


Hi there

I’m one of the three coordinators for the international Open Education Working group, maybe you may like to talk to us about our activities to see what is going on




Hi @Javiera_Atenas. Great idea. Do you mind if I ask other members from our open education WG to join this call? When works best for you?


I will discuss a date with the board of the international group and will let you know, because I must say that we are surprised that a branch of the education group, which we have been formally coordinating and organising for years has been opened in an international chapter without us being informed.

I would strongly recommend you to read a bit about what we do, what do we mean by open education, how do we conduct research and how do we deal with policy at european and international level, please see our blog below, we will contact you as soon as our board has decided when will it be suitable for us