Hi! I'm the new project coordinator at Open Knowledge Belgium


Hi all,

Very happy to let you know that I’m the new project coordinator at Open Knowledge Belgium.

With previous experiences in data modelling, civic engagement and crowdsourcing, I have developed a keen interest in open innovation/knowledge/data and the power of many intrinsically motivated individuals contributing to projects with social impact.

My main interest goes nowadays to ways open knowledge and open data can contribute to smart mobility solutions; more specifically, urban cycling; as part of the strong tendency towards more liveable cities.

As an open introduction to the community, I decided to write a quick update with my intentions as well some expected changes in the coming months at OK Belgium.

Looking forward to talking to you all soon. Please feel free to get in touch with me.

@DVRansbeeck - @OpenKnowledgeBE


Hi Dries,

nice to see you, and hope to meet soon in real. Wish you all best and get in touch if Austria can help you.

cheerz, stefan


Welcome @dries and such a great first blog post!