Open Knowledge meet up in Santiago?


Hey, folks! How are you doing?

Who here from the Open Knowledge Network is going to Santiago next week?

From Brazil, I know Natália Mazotte, Marco Túlio, Juan Torres, Gisele Craveiro and me are going! And I’ve just talked to @Mor and know that her, @sandervdwaal and @KatelynRogers are also going!

I’ll bring some cachaça for we have some caipirinha! Let’s have an Open Knowledge drinks and chat there!

Hasta pronto! Saúde!



I’ll be arriving to Santiago tomorrow. I can organise a meet up for all of us on Wednesday in one if the bars in Santiago old quarter? Sounds good?


Great idea Mor & Tom! Looking forward to meeting you all in person there! :smile:


Hello everyone! I hope I can join you all in Santiago, as from last Monday I’m now officially representing the OKFN open education working group


HI all! See you in Santiago next week! I am arriving monday at 3am :slight_smile:


hi there! I’m arriving on sunday noon.

I wanted to share the last post on abrelatam log, that was heavy inspired in our reunion on mexico!

Yes, is in spanish. deal with it :smile:


@rusosnith, you post moved me!

Guys, we will meet in one of the bars in Lastaria. More details on Monday.
If you want, we can always have a whatsapp / telegram group for the conference, so tell me if you want to set one.

I am already in Santiago, so if I can help with something, let me know.

Nos vemos pronto!


I’m also already in Santiago, visiting friends and universities here.
What time do we meet on wednesday?
If I can vote for a group, I’d vote for telegram, since I don’t use watsapp :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll email mor my cellphone number

See you soon


+1 for Telegram instead of Whatsapp. A simple reason is the desktop app.


Yeahhhh! I like the idea! For me is perfect on wednesday!


@ddie, this topic I told you about this morning! :smiley:

Place of the meet up?

Folks, let’s decide until today a place and time to spread to everybody. OK? We ask locals and discover a good place for the Open Knowledge folks to meet!


@Mor, where is the place you told about near the venue? @KatelynRogers, welcome to Santiago!


We will meet at El Diabalito at 6!
Merced 336 - Local 2 · Barrio Lastarria

See you all there!

Open Knowledge Brazil wants support more chapters in the the Global South

:smiling_imp: :beers:


Some pictures!