Open Government conferences


Hi there,

I’m starting this discussion to ask you about the conferences related to open data and open government which will be held in the year ahead or after that. Is there any list or index of these conferences? or Do you know any conference in this topic?
A good one is The Internet, Policy and Politics at Oxford Internet Institute.

And finally, Is there anyone here who wants to do a joint research about OGD Policies and/or Government as a Platform?


Hi, we’re building a list over here. Please add to it!



Have you seen my Open Source software specially for communities listing events? It lets many people add events safely, then makes it easy to filter, view and export the data into all kinds of systems including Google Calendar.

It’s at - I develop it as I use it successfully for listing tech events for 4 years now at

It would be great to chat about this as this sounds like exactly the
use case we designed it for - email james at jmbtechnology dot co dot uk



In fact, after your PM, I’ve copied all future events into so you can have a real look. Anyone can make an account and add details or more events!


Also relevant is this question + its answers on Open Data StackExchange: “Are there any regular Open Data conferences?