We are sharing our event calendar with you, come and help us add events!



Hi all,

We (Marco, @CecileLG and I) created an event calendar in a spreadsheet format for relevant events for the open knowledge community.
The spreadsheet is in a format that can be imported to your Google Calendar, so give it a go!

If you see that we are missing events, please add them as well!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Open Government conferences
Community event API, Where Are You?

Why not just post them as events on this forum?


We can, but then you can’t import it to your calendar. :slight_smile:


We have started in Austria an own calendar with all open events in AT, but also the most important international events. Maybe this is helpful: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=4pkclrs5asgmk1hpcs3o6jhn10%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe/Brussels


I take this discussion on the events calendar to let you serious problem with the WordPress platform.

In the summer of 2013, a sysadmin installed at my request, the extension “Full Calendar Js” that worked very well with the WP version of the time. But after the great migrations of spring 2014, many extensions have been gradually uninstalled without notifying local webmasters.

Since 2015 until last week, I was very busy as a volunteer to coordinate and prepare the #OKFestMTL April 12 hosted by WWW2016.ca. My availability is now back to normal regarding the maintenance of the local group website in Canada.

The extension Full Calendar Js allows to integrate into a WordPress page many calendars in the Google XML format or --other XML / RSS feed.

I wish to integrate okfn austria calendar to our calendar page that integrates the collective “Agendu Libre” Facil Quebec. But our multiple calendar stops working ;-( See: http://ca.okfn.org/agenda-libre/ with http://agendadulibre.qc.ca/event/2016/4/ (an open source plafeform).

In my humble opinion, 1) Excel file is less reusable than Google XML or XML / RSS feed ; 2) The WorPress extensions are not used enough.

I am available to discuss with you and the sysadmin to advance this project in an collaborative approach.

Please apologized my english


Maybe someone have an idea on Howto IFTTT discours post to Google XML :slight_smile:


It seems that the extension “Fullcalendar JS” no longer works for the API 3 Google calendar. In addition, this extension is valid till WP 3.9.1
I validate on my own site (dianemercier.quebec) other extensions to integrate multiple calendars and / or allow direct editing.
I will give the test results


Hello all,

I make Open Source software specially for communities listing events. It lets many people add events safely, then makes it easy to filter, view and export the data into all kinds of systems including Google Calendar. (We also have a WordPress plugin!)

It’s at http://ican.openacalendar.org/ - I develop it as I use it successfully for listing tech events for 4 years now at https://opentechcalendar.co.uk/

I’ve copied the events from the spreadsheet into https://openknowledge.hasacalendar.co.uk/ - anyone can make a user account and add more events! Let me know what you think,



I added some validation magic to some of the fields.