Open Knowledge Branded Presentation Templates

This is a topic for Open Knowledge Branded Presentation Slide Templates.

How can local groups and chapters get access to latest Open Knowledge presentation template slides to use for presentations? I cannot find on Who can make it accessible or lead me to the link?


UPDATE: (April 2016) visit the Presentations section of the OK Media repository

Great question!

Aside: I’ve renamed the title of this forum topic to remove “OKFN” - remember we never use this acronym anymore: it’s always “Open Knowledge” (or just “OK” if you must acronym) :slight_smile:


In an hour, the first meetup of Open Knowledge Korea will be held. To introduce some works of Open Knowledge, I prepared a deck of slides by using reveal.js, making a theme for that. I will tidy it up and share it, but in the mean time, you can freely fork the repo, and use it. :smile:

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Thanks for fixing topic title issue @rufuspollock - does OK also have pre-made .ODT templates for e.g. PDFs to collaborators available anywhere?

@jgkim - great job with the reveal.js lib. Ping me when it’s publicly available, it’s a great way of presenting. I’m thinking about forking it to :smile:

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@mattias we don’t have .odt templates but it would be great to have them. If you prepare one please add it to the new Presentations section of our media repo:

@jgkim could you add info about your slides and your template to the repo too!