Open Knowledge Labs: Outcomes and Outputs - Plan for 2016

In an effort to get Labs running more smoothly, and in line with the Open Knowledge Labs Tech Vision and Strategy, I have drafted three potential broad outcomes for Labs (and several outputs for each) with help from @rufuspollock. Bolded items are key. What do people think?

  1. Outcome: A clear vision and mission for Labs is defined with the community
  2. Vision + Mission including one-liner
  3. Short manifesto / strategy setting out what we work on and why
  4. Criteria for projects and where we direct energy
  5. It is clear what being a Labs project means and what the responsibilities and benefits are
  6. Outcome: Self-sustaining and growing community around Labs and especially in terms of active Labs members
  7. Key roles are staffed: Blog and Newsletter editor, Hangout Lead, Sysadmin
  8. 15 active members defined as:
  9. At least one or more of the following: a) posted at least once on the forum b) submitted at least 2 comments on topics in the forum c) submitted one blog post d) opened 2+ issues in github e) made 1 commits to a Labs project
  10. 1000 people read the newsletter and at least one newsletter per quarter
  11. 3 new topics week, 18 new topics per month (as of 11 Nov, 1/week, 6/month)
  12. Outcome: There are existing and new projects making a difference in the Open Knowledge ecosystem
  13. 10 “active” projects
  14. An active project has a maintainer, has a repo or database, has a readme and how to contribute section in its info page on the site, and has been updated in the last month
  15. All existing projects are better classified in status as either active, hibernation, retired/complete/archived, graduated
  16. Retired projects are archived
  17. Of the 10 active projects, 3 are connected with a strategic area like Frictionless Data
  18. At least 3 projects are a “success” and being “used”
  19. For a piece of software that means 10 stars on github
  20. For a service: at least 100 registered users, or 5k monthly uniques
  21. For a database: at least 10 contributors, 50 downloads …
  22. Provocations: at least 2 posts, 10 tweets about the project

There is a lot to think about here but Short manifesto / strategy setting out what we work on and why might be better called Scope.

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@ggtychon good suggestion.

A thought: @danfowler at some point we may want this set of outcomes plus the “mission” stuff to become a file in a git repo and people can comment on pull requests etc.

@danfowler have you pinged the labs local leads to disseminate this to their groups?

Thanks @ggtychon for the suggestion.

@rufuspollock I suppose it could be a page on the site, under /vision/ or the like

Pinging the labs local leads now.