Open Science Goodies

The topic of stickers came up on the mailing list recently and we have a couple of potential designs:
Stefan created one modelled on the Open Knowledge buttons. There is also the new Open Science working group logo, a web graphic and usage information + examples.

Would anyone be interested in coming up with a range of stickers and other items we can order for the working group? Badges, mugs, T-shirts, USB sticks etc. There is very little funding for this but we can see what we can do and the designs would be available for local groups and meetings.



here the git repo with my recent creation of printable open science stickers. GitHub - openscienceASAP/open-science-sticker: Open Science sticker

later, i also will publish an A0 poster from us.


@stefankasberger Are you OK if we use GitHub - openscienceASAP/open-science-sticker: Open Science sticker to store the source “code”, e.g. SVG files, for all Open Science Goodies and provide a Makefile/Shell Script/Python Script/… to convert the SVG files for JPG/PNG/PDF/… and make this available in some place that we like (e.g. Static Web Site, OKF Wiki, Google Docs, Dropbox, …)?

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that would be wonderful, cause thats the idea behind putting thins on github. and automatization is always nice. :slight_smile:

If you want some send me your mail address by email (if you want you can send it encrypted, go to to get my public key).