Make new logo available as SVG on

This is a request. Could the press team make available the SVG files of the new logo to the community?

I know that are some rules to use OKF logo and it should follow some guidelines (e.g. the green color must be R122 G184 B0, the red color must be R255 G0 B0 and the blue color must be R0 G165 B224) but make it easy available to the community will unleash our community to produce amazing works.


Agreed! This would be nice!

+1 to @raniere suggestion

Would love specialised logos also. Multiple formats would be nice (SVG, PNG) and while I’m asking black and white versions to. Make it easy to provide consistent branding.

I’ll keep watching OK Press for some goodies to drop.
There are other goodies on Zazzle.

@sam - do you have any thoughts or knowledge here? Does this exist already or would it need to be created?

Looking at Google Drive… no, there are no SVGs, so would need to be created (re-saved).

I’d like to download new logo files, but I still cannot find them at Press.
Is there any progress on this issue? Are there any places I can find logo files?
Any vector format including AI would be OK.

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@jgkim you can find logo stuff here on the wiki:

When you go to the wiki and follow the multiple links in the Google document, you’ll find the ingredients you need to make your local or working group logos. You will need to read the branding guidelines and:

  • download images
  • download fonts (Lato Black, Lato Semibold and Lato Regular)
  • note the official colours

From there you should be able to make (and contribute back) your working group or local group logos. These are the only two finished working/local group products I could find.

(which are really big and look really good but don’t like being resized to tiny on this page)

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Thank you for the help @rufuspollock and @Stephen. It seems like that we need to update the Wiki page to include direct links to the files or the Google Drive folder.

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I think it would be great to create a GitHub repository for logo files and the branding guideline so that others can contribute local or working group logos to the repository.

What do you think about this idea? @rufuspollock may create a repository for this purpose, and I can also help make the logo available as SVG in GitHub.

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:+1: I think this would be a terrific asset.

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Found the working group images and icons on google drive.

GitHub? -Yes please @jgkim


@rufuspollock What do you think about a new GitHub repo for logos? Could you create a new repo and invite me to commit existing logos? Any other thoughts?

Well the question is about the fact that we already have a versioned git repo for all this stuff on bitbucket (on bitbucket because they had unlimited storage for free). So we already have a versioning repo for “assets” like this - the question would be whether useful to have a separate dedicated repo.

@sam + @nealbastek any thoughts or suggestions here?

My feeling is that unless we can make a clear distinction between the assets we are discussing here, and everything else we store on Bitbucket, then we should keep everything (together) on Bitbucket or move everything (back) to Github (again).

My fear is that we could end up in a situation where it’s not clear which repository stuff is / should be in.

@sam sounds sensible. What’s currently missing from the bitbucket repo? e.g. do we have all the relevant logos in there? Also can we point people at instructions if people want to contribute or help out - e.g. by doing a pull request to add all the existing logos from drive.

I don’t think any of our current logo files are there actually @rufuspollock.

It might be worth trying to make the distinction I mentioned, based on files intended to be served on, and those intended to be downloaded. I don’t know if there’d be too much of a grey area though. The way we currently use Bitbucket is a little unusual for a repo I think, in that there’s an assumption that nothing will ever be removed. Also, if someone wants to download the repo, it’s pretty huge.

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So @sam based on this convo it seems there’s an option:

  • We start keeping some “media” assets, especially those like the main logos in a dedicated repo (e.g. on github)
  • We retain repo on bitbucket and use that as the authoratative place to “build” assets from - but in future this may need to pull e.g. logos from elsewhere as part of the build


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Sounds reasonable. My original point was just that we need a definition of “some”.

If we can build assets from various locations, in some easy to maintain way, I think that’d be an improvement. The Bitbucket repo is pretty messy and confusing. Not something easy to collaborate on.

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