Ordering Datasets and Questions

Hello census site administrators,

Questions and Datasets now take an “order” column, where each value is an integer starting, from 0. Lists of questions and datasets are displayed according to this order column, from lowest to highest.

When the census ran off spreadsheets, the order was consistent with the order of the items in the spreadsheet. This is no longer the case in the database-backed new code.

For the majority of census instances, there is no action to take: you are already using the shared questions and the shared city datasets.

if you have custom datasets (and custom questions, even though these are not supported), then please do the following as the site administrator:

  1. Edit the source data in your Google Spreadsheet, adding an “Order” column as per the above links
  2. Go to your site: {DOMAIN}.census.okfn.org
  3. Login
  4. Go to your admin page: {DOMAIN}.census.okfn.org/admin
  5. Perform the appropriate action: “Reload Questions” or “Reload Datasets”

If you have any issues performing these actions, or need any other help, please let me know here.