Outroduction - New challenge as foresight specialist

Dear open friends and colleagues,

After tomorrow I’m no longer an employee of Open Knowledge Belgium. After almost 3 years as a community coordinator at our local chapter, I’m heading towards new challenges at Digipolis Gent, the ICT agency for the City of Ghent.

Next week I will be part of a brand new foresight department, focused on (co-)creating future proof policies and POC’s for my hometown. Thanks to the tireless efforts and influence of the open knowledge community, openness will of course remain a red thread in my coming work and efforts.

I will still be a mentor for Dries until the end of this year and a volunteer afterwards. Dries Van Ransbeeck by the way, in CC, is our new project coordinator who will take over projects such as the Open Belgium conference, open Summer of code and many others. He proved himself worthy as an employee and I’m sure he will bring our non-profit to new heights. Say hi :).

I’m still engaged to come to OKFest in 2017 and hoping to see a lot of familiar faces there.

All the best,
Pieter-Jan Pauwels

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