Promoting Openness

How do you support and inspire others into adopting and embracing Openness (Open Educational Practices, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Access and Open Science).

Please do share your ideas with us using this forum, we aim at writing about your good practices so others can help and promote the adoption of Openness in education

I think the book Made With Creative Commons can be a good resource for that

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Just eating my own dog food when using software and publishing contents, and showing advantages of openness while not relying on criticism and moral values. E.g. better use Libreoffice Calc than Microsoft Excel on practical sessions and comparing how easier is to import CSV (just one-step and not manual selection of filters) or teaching SQL language on DB Browser for SQLite rather than visual MS Access with examples on limitations from Access or any ERP. IMO the moral sermon is not a good introduction to openness because students tend to favour the easier tool in the short term.