Proposed PSI Directive: We gather feedback from the OK network to improve the proposed directive


Dear all,

Several weeks ago we started asking in this forum about your opinion regarding the PSI Directive.

Currently, the PSI directive is discussed in the European Parliament and Council and there is a final time window to provide feedback until July 13. As we have mentioned in our blogpost, important issues are at stake on the EU level.

In order to develop a strong voice of the Open Knowledge network on this matter, we would love to invite your input, ideas, suggestions for improvement before the deadline of 13 July. The more of the Open Knowledge groups make their voices heard, the better!

For that reason, I have created a document including a process how we can develop a joint statement of the OK network.

Please view the proposed PSI Directive at DocHub, and compile problematic passages of the PSI Directive in the table I created. You may propose amendments and provide comments why you think the current PSI Directive is problematic. Please use the suggestion mode so we can track changes.

Once we have gathered references to text passages and suggestions for concrete amendments, we will compile the feedback in a final list of amendments, which we will share here for other people’s approval.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or @sandervdwaal if you have questions.