Publication of results?

Hi GODI team,

any hint on when results will be published so that we can start prepare local PR?

Does Open Data Day March 4 sounds feasible?

Best of luck with completion of the survey


Pierre from Open Knowledge France


No, Open Data Day will be too tight, but we are planning to launch at the beginning of May. More information on this, soon. :slight_smile:

Ok many thanks Mor,

timing not good for France as it will be in the middle of our presidential election …

Please let us know how and whether we can provide support to speed up the process such as on vertical reviews.


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hi @pzwsk-

Sorry to hear this won’t be a good timing for France. :disappointed:
We coordinate this publishing time with the Web Foundation, since we try to publish both GODI and ODB closer to one another, so even though your help is really appreciated, it won’t help at this stage.


Ok I see, good to know that you are coordinating with Web Foundation though :wink:

Will figure out another way to advocate for more open data during the French election campaign.


Yes, it’s a good thing to coordinate with the Barometer.

I think we can still use the ODI for advocacy during the campaign, perhaps by publishing a joined statement with several similar organisations.



I have to say this is kinda dissapointing for the Czech group. When GODI 17 was announced, March was set out as publication timeframe. As GODI grows bigger and more influential I think it is improtant to have a clear schedule. Not only that the local groups would need this info to plan publicity. Also, people from both gov and non-gov keep asking me about results and not being able to provide a clear answer for months does not look very professional nor credible :frowning:

Publishing on Open Data Day sounds like a good idea as it might provide a clear milestone and probably could help to attract more spotlight on OD day events too.

Hi All,

Since this is an interesting topic, and since I like being transparent, here are what I know:

  1. I got back to the blogs about the index; i didn’t see a publishing date there. @mrybi - can you link me to where you saw it was March? This would be helpful for me.

  2. This whole topic made me realised that we (OKI) need to communicate more. We have changed the project manager of this project in January and didn’t announce the new timeline. As the new project manager, I am taking a note here to write a blog post about it after Open Data Day.

  3. Speaking of Open Data Day, we need to be realistic here - I am the person who is now coordinating both the index ODD, which make me be really stretched thin, even with the help of the other OKI staff (and they are amazing with their help!). These two projects running together are hard to pull out at the same time, and unless sometimes will take the load from us on ODD, I don’t see how we can launch on the date. For the record, I asked for help about Open Data Day from the open data day community several times, with no real answer:-(

  4. We are trying to align with the Web Foundation, so both products won’t contradict one another but work together. Publishing at the same month is a step that will help to make it better, even if we publish late.

I hope this long explanation is helpful, and I will try to make sure from now on that expectations are set clearly. Keep the feedback going!


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Thanks for a such detailed and honest answer. I appreciate the time you took to respond especially under such manic workload :slight_smile:

  1. You are right, I can’t find the date in the initial blogpost. It was stated a bit later on the forum Is this a strict December 10th deadline? - #2 by Mor

  2. Yes! :slight_smile:

  3. I see. Anyway i still think some fixed date to publish the results ever year will be great. Not only it would allow us to to plan ahead but also could help to anchor GODI in public debate. Sth like the Oscars :slight_smile:

If beginning of May is a more definitive deadline, we can already start thinking about how to announce and promote GODI locally.

Hi All!

Best on this thread I wrote this blog post: The Global Open Data Index – an update and the road ahead – Open Knowledge Foundation blog

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


I’m glad the timeline has been clarified as well as other features and conditions. I think there has been a lot of expectations from this years GODI so it si good we are on the same page! Extending the timeframe for the publishers to comments is good, as well as having the forum as some kind of basic platform for discussion about the quality of datasets. This can really be some stepping stone for govs which care a bit :slight_smile:

Does this also mean that the final, static results of GODI will be available in the week of June 5th?

I think the final report will be available on May 2nd, 2017.

And if we’re not one of the 93, is there anything we can do? I had anticipated that if there were categories missing for a country, other volunteers would complete the data, but I am now assuming that is not the case.

Hi @mrybi - I missed this response.

No, final static Index will be expected by mid June, since we will need to review all the comments. :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is too late to add countries to the Index. We didnt complete missing places this year since we didnt have the capacity for it.

@dannylammerhirt is also looking ATM at the status of the British territories and if and how we are adding them to the index.