Should the location of a portal be in the middle or at the capital of a jurisdiction?


I just had a comment from a friend that a State portal was missing. It wasn’t, it was in the middle not at the capital city.

What do people think is the best way to locate a portal?


I suspect the best way would be to support polygons. You can see an example here:

Whether polygons also get a pin is a matter of taste. And at what point you switch from a pin to a polygon is also difficult. City could be pin, state polygon, but what about boroughs, counties, etc.

BUT it dramatically increases the amount of data being passed around and the workload for editors. I don’t expect most submitters to be able to find a geojson description of their state or country. So I’m not sure if its feasible for an index of this size.

So if that isn’t feasible, I would stick to middle. There will be plenty of examples where the capital city has a separate portal from the state. At least in highly federated countries like Germany :no_good:


So is the “middle” determined by:

Are there particular tools you use for the preferred method above?

It would be interesting to have the open data index map as a translucent underlay on
Polygons and Pins!