Subcategories for local groups

We are progressively switching OK France to this forum. We are looking for having at least 3 subcategories for our projects: Public Domain Calculator, DADA (Demande d’Accès aux Documents Administratifs), Ecole des données.

We already this discussion with @everton137 and it seems we don’t have enough authorization.

Set up of Swiss local group:

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Hi @samgta, I’ve made you a moderator, which gives you the ability to create (sub-)categories. Can you try now?


Thanks! I tried but Discourse refuses to let me create level-3 categories.

I’ve checked Meta Discourse, the forum for Discourse, it’s actually not possible. But one good
for local groups with multiple projects would be to add tags to this forum, a plugin is available.

Would that be possible?

Interesting idea. What do you think @nealbastek?

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FYI, Mozilla has implemented tagging on their instance and moderators can define the admitted tags to limit noise.