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Hi. Can we create subcategories?

Maybe at the ‘Network and Community’ we could have subcategoriesfor each country or region? If that won’t mess up the forum as a whole, I suggest we have a ‘Brasil’ subcategory for this category here and I’ll try to invite people from Brazil.

Someone at the open science IRC channel just pointed out Discourse and a realised it was the same forum Rufus has shown to me today! (Still haveb’t time to figure out if that is a good substitute for meling lists.)

Maybe a category for working groups and their subcategories by language or coutry could be good as well?

Yes we can very easily. I’ll make you an admin and then you can create sub-categories.

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In France, we have decided to run our own Discourse forum for our projects. We did not know discuss.okfn.org existed.
I am wondering if we should use the global forum instead.
What are other local groups considering?

GNU mailman only allow a few options so I believe that there haven’t reasons for
a local group use your own server to run GNU mailman. If they want quickly
response to request I believe that members that would keep the local group
server could join OKF sysadmin team.

In case of discourse there are more options (e.g. creation of new topics/threads
by email) that a local group want to have and OKF sysadmin team will not
enable for some reason. In this case the local team should run their own
discourse server. Otherwise I prefer to keep all conversation at the same place.

We’ll pilot Swedish-speaking now on part of forum. Potentially unlisted/limited access for non-Swedes. Will update this post as it develops.