How to see original submissions of GODI 2016


Hi all,

We received questions if you can access original submissions before we changed them during review.

Yes, we stored submissions in our system.You can access them by using a URL that we can retrieve for you from our internal database (currently we have no public interface, unfortunately).

If you want to have access to a submission, please send a note in this forum, and I will be happy to retrieve the URL for you! Especially flagging this to @livarb.

The 2016 Global Open Data Index is live!

@livarb, at this URL you can see the original submission for election results in Norway

Note that you can see the reviewed results in the column on the left side of the page. The central column shows you your submission. I can see from your comment that the publication of election results at polling station level is not possible to ensure secret elections. I will consult with the National Democratic Institute how we deal with this case in the future. For this year it is not possible to change this requirement.

But your input is very welcome to further refine this category.


Can’t we see the whole change log at ?


Thank you, @dannylammerhirt ! I’ll notify the relevant authorities (election agency and related ministry) on the subject and get back to this thread if they have more to add concerning methodology for a later version of the index.


Only superficially. One cannot see the original submission with all the details, f.ex. comments from submitter.


Thanks @livarb, that would be very valuable to know