List of open data and open government books



Hello there.

Do you have any kind of bibliography for open data, open government data or open government?
it doesn’t matter whether they are printed or online version.
If there is such thing, it would be very great if you share the buy links or their names and profiles or even a download link with me,

Thank you.


I imagine the Open Data Handbook is what you’re looking for:


Hi @danfowler ,
I already have read the part “guide” in “open data handbook”. But I didnt pay attention to Resource Library.
I hope we will translate these worthy sources into Persian. There are lots of researchers who need these.



You might find some useful resources at and the linked Zotero group.

That is mostly papers - rather than books - and a year or so out of date - but we did quite a lot of work to build it out with details on each publication and extracts from them.