Unable to add source file(s) for a dataset for Malaysia Federal Budget


I’m facing a problem in uploading a source file for a dataset for Malaysia Federal Budget.

I have tried using the Google publish link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yvXOtK4W9VSWtXm3sTZmS3V1jD8tqTI5e9nkGSmwywY/pub?gid=108177500&single=true&output=csv and the Plone link (from Sinar Project website) http://sinarproject.org/en/projects/open-spending-1/bajet-2015-ministerial-level-xlsx-sheet2-csv-bajet-2015-ministerial-level-xlsx-sheet2-csv.csv/view but both links didn’t work. The status is “Still Analysing” for more than 10 minutes after refreshing for several times.

I’ve filed an issue in GitHub but I’m not sure if its under the correct repo https://github.com/openspending/dotorg/issues/61

Kindly advice.


Hello, thanks for filing an issue! The ‘dotorg’ repo is mainly for issues relating directly to the community site, the openspending repo should be used for filing bug reports on the current version. That being said, I’m looking into your issue now :smile: .


This should be resolved now. Can you try again?


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for looking into this issue. The source file has been successfully uploaded.

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