United Kingdom / government spending


I wanted to check if the main information being assessed are the spreadsheets of the spend for each department over £25K or if anything is being considered.

If it is just the £25K are the issues

timeliness - that is not at regular intervals?

where it is published - that it is not all in once place and ideally at one url?

It would be helpful to know so that we can investigate what can be improved.



The review is here: http://global.survey.okfn.org/entry/gb/spending/

There is no single source or format for publication of spending data at the transaction level. Many departments and agencies record their spending data on Data.gov.uk, but it is not straight-forward to separate these datasets from other datasets within the Government Spending theme.

Update periods are highly variable between departments but few update their data every month.


If the spend over £25k was harvested by data.gov.uk and all put on one page - and was published more quickly - would that improve the GB mark? Or is that just one small element of overall spend picture? Thanks


Ideally all the files across government would be referenced by one machine-readable file.

It’s a hard job, mainly because every department publishes them differently on gov.uk (and Defra publish them elsewhere). Some collect them by year, some collect them with the GPC data, etc. There is no common tag to differentiate 25k transactions data with other types. Some agencies are published with their department and some aren’t. The way these files are published needs to be standardized (on gov.uk or whether you set-up a different, more suitable system, like organograms).


Thank you. Useful to know if we can make things work differently. N