US OKN reboot and webinar series

Hello Open Knowledge Advocates,

Greetings from NYC!

As we start 2018, one resolution we’re pursuing in earnest is re-energizing the US community in all topics Open Knowledge.

To help frame the community and to ensure continued engagement, we’re hosting monthly webinars.

The first webinar will be on Feb 1, Thurs at 11a PST / 2p EST / 7p GMT since we’re targeting the US community.

Save the date and watch this space as we’ll have the details for the first webinar here shortly.



Here are the details for the first webinar


I’m late to the webinar, but this is great news! Thank you for your energy, Joel!

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Great job Joel, organizing the first OKFNUS webinar. I learned a lot and it’s great to connect with others across the country. Perhaps at a future webinar I can talk about the work being done in Tunisia to advance their open data initiative. I was there last week and Jason Hare ( is there this week. It would be good to see if through our reboot we can form a project to help Tunisia.

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Thanks all! But it will take a community effort and I hope that I can count on ya’ll to help sustain the effort.

And yes @Bytemarks! Would love to have you share and talk about your work in Tunisia. Though this initiative is focused on building up capacity in the US, we should still make time to share and collaborate with the global OK community, as that is how the OK Network works as @oscarmontiel mentioned during the webinar yesterday.

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I understand the primary initiative. Getting us involved with Tunisia’s
growing open data movement would be a potential team building exercise
since they (Tunisia) would like to get more involved with the global open
data network and we could help point them in the right direction.

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will this be reoccurring monthly? is there a set calendar of events/meetings?

Yes! That’s the plan. We already have some speakers lined up for the next two. Check out the Webinar Backlog Trello board if you want to suggest topics/speakers/ideas for future webinars.

Will add more detail in the recap of the inaugural webinar which we’ll publish this Monday! Hope to build this community with your active participation!

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I just discovered US OKN and am very excited!! Hopefully will make it to Oakland.


Question: Dovetail April 10 ‘Need for Data Ethics’ Webinar with OKN US?

I’m helping to organize a webinar on data ethics and think it would be optimal to add to the US OKN webinar series, particularly if there’s no other webinar slated for around this time: April 10, 2018.

Currently the webinar is a collaborative of and, but it would great, again if there’s no other programming, to also feature it to help raise awareness for US OKN.

Here’s the sign-up sheet (currently on the GA’s site) for the webinar:

And here’s an editorial that’s been posted widely (Bloomberg, OReilly, etc.) with more background on the topic:

I saw the Trello board as well – if someone can provide me write access or if someone with write access could add this as a suggestion [just link to US OKN reboot and webinar series - #9 by datadave, no need to retype] that’d be great


Welcome to the community @datadave!

And yeah, your webinar is topical, so feel free to add it to the Events and Meetups section of the forum.

As for the US OKN monthly webinar, we’re normally keeping it to the first Thursday of every month, and your Apr 10 event is a bit close to the webinar we’re having tomorrow with Sunlight Cities and Gilbert, AZ - Creating a Culture of Openness in City Hall.

But feel free to add another webinar in the webinar backlog! I just invited you to the Trello Board…