What counts as a Data Portal?

So I filled in the form for http://opentechcalendar.co.uk/ a while back but it hasn’t been added - I did wander if people would think it wasn’t a data portal? It’s got lots of Open Data that is heavily used by others :slight_smile: I don’t know if you have a policy of emailing people who’s entries you turn down?

@jarofgreen, Your entry hasn’t been turned down. We have a big backlog and a lack of volunteers to review submissions.

We recently made a start on improving the “approval process” by converting the google sheet that stores the list of portals into dataportal.csv. It’s on GitHub so pull requests can be made to add a portal as an alternative to completing the online form.

There’s still more work to do to make the “submit to published” process slick.

Looking at http://opentechcalendar.co.uk/ I could only see one dataset - the ability to download the list of event posted on the site. Am I missing something?

I did actually make a start in hand editing the CSV, but to be honest that’s a right pain. I thought I would post first.

(Related: hopefully editing one text file in a simple format is easier and also will result in less edit conflicts than one big file - that’s one of the points of the software I’m working on.)

It is just events, but there is all kinds of filtered feeds (and indeed, you can filter your own events). Open Data is one of the big principles behind it and it’s reused in many other places, which is great.