City-level Data Portals


I personally gathered some data portals managed by city-level governments into a Google Spreadsheet. Since I have not had time to enter those into, this can also be considered as a kind of a backlog, which is similar to one by @Stephen.

Feel free to update and add comments on the sheet.

Social, democratic and environmental impact of open data in cities?

@jgkim do you need help to get these into - it would be great to merge. We can give you direct access to the backend spreadsheet.

/cc @mattfullerton & @Stephen


@jgkim FWIW I also have a bunch of portals here:

I’m not sure that @rufuspollock’s suggestion of a one-time merger is the best approach. I suspect that with lists like this, the info goes out of date fairly quickly, so having a framework in which responsibility for maintenance is delegated to local groups might be sensible. Personally, I would rather have a system where I continue to be responsible for keeping the Scottish data portals info up-to-date, but adopt a metadata scheme that’s compatible with and let the data be aggregated there automatically.


@ewan_klein i wonder if we could merge into one place if we had an easy and reliable way to contribute and were able to pull out data portals more easily - e.g. to just display the scots ones. What do you think?

@jgkim @ewan_klein also what do you think of moving to have data portals database stored as CSV in github?


@rufuspollock I’d be prepared to go with this if the general feeling is that the aggregation / harvesting model is too cumbersome.

Ha! That’s what I’m already doing for the Scottish portals:


@rufuspollock Love the idea of moving to have the database stored as CSV in GitHub! Then, someone not familiar with coding can also easily view, search, and edit CSV files on GitHub.


I’d also recommend making systematic use of pull requests by contributors to update the database, though this presupposes that there are enough editors available to review and merge in a timely way.