2.1 first translation, updated translation guidance, announcement?


Thanks to @jgkimhttp://opendefinition.org/od/2.1/ko/

I also updated http://opendefinition.org/participate/#translation to point to 2.1 for translations going forward, and also encouraging translation of Wikipedia links to the OSD and FSD.

The English version is also available at http://opendefinition.org/od/2.1/en/ but I haven’t switched any other links on the site, nor changed /od/. @jgkim re-proposed redirecting /od/ to /od/2.1/en/ in https://github.com/okfn/opendefinition/issues/63 … I’m more inclined to have /od/ just link to /od/2.1/en given the terrible user experience of a javascript redirect.

But I also figure we should update links to 2.1, including addressing issue 63 one way or another, just before there’s some kind of wider announcement of 2.1. Is that planned? cc @herb_lainchbury


@mlinksva Yes, I intend to do a wider announcement.


2nd 2.1 translation thanks to @nyampire http://opendefinition.org/od/2.1/ja/