New Category Ideas

Ideas for new categories.

Not about new topics as anyone can and should create new topics so that does not need discussion.

“(How to) Get (Find) the Data”

Category for requests on how to locate a specific dataset.


/cc @pudo @loleg

Thank for you creating this topic! I do have two suggestions for categories:

Since the OKFN is a network of many working groups, each of the working group should have their own category named as the working group. This main category will act like a " general discussion" category, but can also extend into other sub categories.

My other suggestion is to perhaps create a “new member introductions” category.

@belkinsa I think that is a great idea.

I think we can boot an overall category of Working Group and then we’d want someone from the relevant community to come and start the category for that working group so they’ll be someone to connect back to that community and take ownership.

What do you think?

UPDATE: I’ve booted

That works. When are you planning to tell the other working groups about the forums?

Could we get an Open Health category? Trying to bring some MozFest folks together to form a new working group and I set up a mailman but then thought it would be a good opportunity to try this out instead.

Also, could I get the ability to add categories? I’d like to see if the open-science working group are interested in piloting the forum and moving over, but the ability to structure at least subcategories in advance of this would be nice.

Hi Jenny you are now a admin an able to create categories (and can make other admins). I’ll let you create the Open Health category to see how it goes.

Aside: I def think a category for Open Health would make sense but one I would caution about creating too many subcategories in advance as (like too many mailing lists) I think it may tend to create initial confusion about where to post (you can always start with people posting topics in one category and then create a new category later once the need is very clear). At the same time please do dive in - if you wants lots of categories let’s go for it.

Thanks very much! Specifically I wanted a sub-category for an FOI request project because I’m about to do a blog asking people to contribute, but agreed about not going overboard with number of categories.

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I have another suggestion:

Since we have a blog that holds news and other stuff, perhaps we could have subcategory within the “Network and Community” titled “From the Blog” or something along those lines.

Seems a great idea. Happy to make you a forum admin for the time being so you can do this sort of thing - would you be up for that?

Sure, that can work but do you if there is some script that can import the blog posts into a post or is that done manually?

There is no script to import stuff automatically and i think doing by hand to start with (and perhaps being selective) could be useful.

To confirm you are good to be an admin for a while and help set things up ( @jcmolloy are you happy to help mentor and oversee @belkinsa in this area?)

@rufuspollock - sure, I can’t see @belkinsa will particularly need too much oversight so absolutely!

@jcmolloy perfect - could you take care of making @belkinsa an admin (just go to her user profile in admin …) + totally agree that @belkinsa won’t need much support :slight_smile: - @belkinsa you already know your way around pretty well!

I created the Open Economics working group category. A friend of mine is a part of that group and wants to use it for disussions about the projects. He’s main goal is help the group to get projects going.

Sounds perfect @belkinsa

Do you think a “Job Listings” type of category (with in the focuses of OKFN working groups) would be worth it for people who have workplaces that deal with what we focus on?

@belkinsa I think that is a great idea - do you want to go ahead and create this (I guess it can be top level or under Meta ??)

Done and also edited the “about” topic. You are free to edit it if the wording is not as clear.