How can I get my own local census?

I’ve registered my interest in creating a local city census in Korea in the form on the site, but have not received any response so far. I am curious about how the process usually goes.

Here’s my experience. Happy to help once you have an empty census ready to be configured.


Thank you for sharing the amazing post, @Stephen!


Hi @jgkim - I am a bit behind work, and will attend to all of the local censuses once we will launch the global census (hopefully next week!).

Thanks for your patience,

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@Mor I am not in a hurry, and also do not want to push you and others.

I’m really looking forward to the launch of the global census.

@jgkim - don’t worry, this is not pushing. :slight_smile: Keep writing!

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@Mor, I wonder if there is any progress on creating a local city census in Korea, Republic of. :wink:

I’ve noticed the way to create a new local census has been changed. The local census page says that it is required to start a new thread on the forum. However, the link to the forum goes to the open data index category not this local open data index sub-category, and on the first page of the site, you can still see the Google form to register interest in creating a new local census. I guess we are in the middle of making the process clear, but I’m a bit confused.

I agree it’s a bit messy. I’d like to see distinct pages for:

  • a list of existing local census
  • the process to request and configure the census

And whilst we’re cleaning up should have a link to the global census as well as the index.

@Stephen, @jgkim - you are right. @nealbastek is responsible for the local census, so he can discuss with you about the procedure.
As for South Korea - I will open one today and keep you posted. :smiley:


@Mor and @nealbastek, according to the discussion about regional or city census, what I want to get for South Korea is a regional census for the provincial-level divisions in Korea not a local city census. So the domain name for it would be ‘’, or ‘’ if you want to distinguish South Korea from North Korea.

@mor @nealbastek can you please add Sweden to local regional census with @asmenokfn as admin? He should now have admin access, I think I mentioned in another post that his admin promotion perhaps was only confirmed to city census. Only Sweden city census is visible on thanks :smile:

Hello @mor @nealbastek, how is it going with making @asmenokfn admin for sweden region and cities? He has e-mailed @mor a few times without this admin-priviege fixed. Do you have admin access @jgkim @Stephen and how did you get it? :slight_smile:

Mattias, can you send me an email please?

You’ve gotten an e-mail yesterday. Looking forward to see your answer ASAP as we’re trying to move fast on this before 2016. Our public bodies are required by law to answer our request with haste.

@mattias happy to share the configuration file for Australia’s Regional Open Data Census if that helps you get started quickly. Sorry I don’t have administration access to create a portal instance for you.

thanks that could be great maybe for the data collection or at least as inspiration. I understand, I guess that’s with the superhero powers of @Mor! :smile:

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Ok, the topic was handled. Closing this topic. :slight_smile:

@Mor, Since I openned this topic, I have not received any email so far regarding the city or region census in Korea, Rep. of. Any progress on this?