Anyone have links to data in GitHub repositories?


I’m working on a new project and I’m looking for data in GitHub repositories - CSV, YML, etc. … does anyone have any links?

eg. For there is a CSV at

Looking forward to sharing it with you all in a few weeks - it got some good feedback at the local OKFN group recently! Thanks, James

#2 is worth a look!

For example:


the majority of my githubs are data. here are a few:

OKFN’s Data Packaged Core Sets is probably much more ideal:

Open Virginia has a few repos, here is one:

Open Addresses stores their data on GitHub too:

Sunlight Labs FOIA data:


Here’s another bunch from myself and others, some of them being automatically updated and versionned from scraped sources by cronjobs :


Thanks! I will look at these and any more shortly. Now I’ve announced this project ( Working with community data on GitHub: New Project DataTig ) I’m looking for lots of GitHub repos to test it on and also to make sure the results are as useful as they can be.