Closing down the OKI wiki, what does it mean for you?

Are there options for archiving the wiki in a way that would mean that the pages (and their histories) would still be accessible somewhere? E.g. could we export, zip and put on or similar?


Yes, I’ve done this before FO.S.C.A. wiki : Migliorini and others : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive it’s very minimal but works well. Just use Special:Export on MediaWiki (check the option to export all history) and save the resulting XML file :champagne:

@jwyg i was also asking about this - i think history is valuable. We certainly want to archive the current site - and we can do that to However, getting revisions si more complex …

@jwyg - definitely all pages would be archived, but @pwalsh and I need to investigate what will be the best way to do it.

Hi, about typical wiki post use, how to “get powers” to change my post to Wiki? I not see a “click here to change to Wiki”…

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You need an admin for that it think… @danfowler, please confim.

@ppkrauss @Mor Users with Trust Level 3 and above can make posts “wiki” posts.

@ppkrauss, you were at 2. I’ve bumped you up :arrow_up:.

@danfowler can we lower the bar and give all level 2 users the abillity to make wiki posts?

Why not?

Done :ballot_box_with_check: