Data Curator - Launched today!

Data Curator was launched today, just in time for Open Data Day.

Data Curator is a simple desktop app to help describe, validate and share usable open data.

Using Data Curator open data producers can:

  • create and edit tabular data from scratch
  • open data from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file
  • open multiple related data tables from a Data Package

Using data from any of these sources, you can:

  • automatically create a schema that describes the data fields
  • refine the schema to include extra data validation rules
  • validate the data against the schema
  • describe the provenance of your data
  • save data as a valid CSV file in various CSV dialects

Once the data is described and validated, you can share the data and its description by exporting a Data Package and publishing it on the web or in an open data portal.

Open data consumers can use published Data Packages to:

  • view the data structure and provenance information to help determine if the data is fit for their purpose
  • download the data together with its metadata in a single zip file
  • use a suite of tools to work with the data

Download the latest version of Data Curator for Windows or macOS and start sharing usable open data.


Thank you for releasing Data Curator! This has so much potential for bringing data packages to a wider audience… :sparkles:

The missing Linux version is a bit of a showstopper for me, however Provide a Linux version for download · Issue #830 · qcif/data-curator · GitHub is there any chance this gets addressed for the next release?


Hi @steko, I’ll look into this and let you know.

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Data Curator blog post now published on the Frictionless Data site

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Congratulations on the release, @Stephen!

I’m also looking forward to the packaged Linux version – it will be very practical for less tech savvy users who publish data.