Data Limits and SLAs


I am now using more as a rogue initiative (but only a little bit I’m Brno City councilor for transparency and IT) as a proof of concept for the city bureaucracy to understand that opening your data is cool. However as we are eventually going to move into a more labor-intensive phase where I will be asking them to invest time and effort into cleaning up and prepping the data (and eventually to build data pumps), I need to know what exactly are the limits on the use of the system and whether there is something asking to Service Level Agreements. Also, some terms and conditions would be nice.




Also, I’m thinking on how Brno City could support the development of the whole project. It just doesn’t seem too fair to be using it and not contributing. Well, we are contributing the data, but I can imagine something more tangible as well.


Thanks for this feedback! This is definitely something we’re keen to make clearer in the future. Could you send me a message about what kinds of requirements you might have?


Please could you specify what Data Limits apply to this service? In particular, what size data sets can be stored?


The file upload size limit for is set to 100Mb. If your files are bigger than that you can host them on a separate storage provider like Dropbox or Amazon S3 and link to them from your dataset.


First of all, I’m sorry for reacting so late to your original reply - I’m not quite used to the forum yet and the notifications were going to places I don’t dare check too often :).

The size limit is precisely one of the things I had in mind when talking about SLAs. Thanks for the info! The limit of 100Mb is for a single file or for all of them (if the former, what is the total storage limit per organization).

As regards other SLA-related things, I’d be interested in knowing whether the below is either in place or possible to implement. I’m of course aware that such things would require investments on your side and perhaps it could be . Also, the below is kind of an ideal scenario and datahub is a great and most usable service as is :).

  1. Retention of the data: If uploaded, can you guarantee that the data will be available for a certain period of time?
  2. Notification on end of data retention: If for some reason you won’t be able to host the data, will there be a time period (how long) for which the organization can make a copy of the data before it becomes inaccessible?
  3. Availability of Service: Are you able to guarantee a percentage of uptime? If there’s a disruption of service, can you commit to # of hours the disruption will be removed/mitigated?
  4. API limits: Are there any limits specified on number of calls a user/member of a registered organization can make?

Last but not least, do you have something like a public backlog of the features you’re working on and where you could use outside help? I’m thinking that it could be a good way for municipalities (or other gov agencies) to participate on the cost and basically give something back for the great services they’re consuming. Not sure it’d work, just an idea :).