Dealing with portals that support multiple jurisdictions


In Australia, publishes federal data. It also publishes data for some states, some local governments and some other quasi-government organisations. In fact 173 organisations have data in the portal.

In, do one want one entry for the portal or an entry for each publishing organisation?


Well. I would suggest one entry for the portal and one entry for each of the publishers if they also have their own portals (if you have time).

If its possible to extract enough info about the publishers from the main portal, perhaps this could be automated.


Just to make sure I understand…



My 2c:

  • Get an entry: Where there is an independent portal - i.e. with a url of its own
  • Will not get an entry: Where there is a local jurisdication who maintain their data in the central portal but have no separate site of their own


I think you’re both saying the same thing and I agree with you both.