Discuss users ranking?! Let's have a prize here!


Hey, I just came up with this ranking from our Discuss platform!

It seems the most likeble people are @Stephen, @Mor and @rufuspollock. The most read are @Stephen, @rufuspollock and @jgkim! And @rufuspollock win by far as the top replier! :sunglasses: :smile:

Who will be the first 3 at the end of this year? What are the prizes for the first three in these categories for the first year of OKI Discuss? :wine_glass:


While I think it is good to reward and recognise contributions, this does need some thought.

  • Some people have been on the forum longer than others so their stats will be higher. Perhaps use the monthly stats instead of the all-time stats.

  • People get discouraged when goals seem unachieveable so a “most valuable player” prize each month would seem to give everyone a chance.

  • The challenge could change each month:

  • Perhaps prizes could be:

    • Open Knowledge swag
    • A new badge in this forum - pixels are cheap but effective :wink:
    • or go crazy with training, conference tickets, or other opportunities to meet in person.

As we are planning to invite more friends to this forum, we need to make sure they feel welcome and safe in joining the conversation.

Here’s some ideas from another forum I use:

What do others think?


Neat :slight_smile: That @Stephen guy must be gaming the system :wink: Or, totally epic. Or, getting away with this while at work… Or, yeah, totally epic.

Aside from that I’m happy enough just getting feedback on whether people find content interesting. I think the more feedback people provide the more the forum will evolve and improve.


Avid Reader Prize goes to @Starl3n who has read 997 posts in the last 7 days

3 more?


Just been trying to catch up on the last year :slight_smile:


Guys, how many hours have your days?