Entry for Draft Legislation /Taiwan

  1. In Taiwan, draft legislation have to publish to Executive Yuan Gazette. The link is 行政院公報 | 政府資料開放平臺. In order to reduce the loading time of the data, it is compressed as ZIP file. Actually the data is XML format after unzipping it. Therefore, it meets open format and bulk download.

  2. In addition, the Legialative Yuan of Taiwan also opens legislation data on the website(立法院開放資料服務平台-資料集). The data is open licensed, and meets open format and bulk download.


Dear @afro0525

we will look into these URLs together with our reviewers and will get back to you in the coming days.

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Hi @afro0525,

I have seen that the link works now again (this was the reason why we could not assess the initial submission).

Problem is: at this URL I find indeed an XML file, but I’m wondering whether it meets our minimum requirements of naming draft bill content, bill author and bill status. In fact, I’m wondering whether the link actually contains draft bills or acts.

Maybe you can help interpreting the XML structure (the use of Chinese characters in the XML file makes it tough too).

Also, I see that the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan indeed publishes parts of the required data. Do you know if there is a dataset that can be linked to this dataset here: 立法院開放資料服務平台-資料集, so that I could associate bill content with the bill number and name? Is bill content contained in the doc URL?

@afro0525 could you please respond to the questions posed by @dannylammerhirt so we can move to resolving/ closing the issue. Thanks!

@dannylammerhirt @FrankaVaughan
This dataset(立法院開放資料服務平台-資料集) of the Legislative Yuan contains as follow:

After passing the proceedings of the Legislative Yuan, the draft legislation has to publish to Executive Yuan Gazette.


Thank you @afro0525
My colleague @dannylammerhirt will soon verify what you have provided. Thanks again.

Hi @afro0525,

Yes I verified the link and it meets all criteria. Thanks again for informing us. I’ll implement the changes accordingly