Entry for elections / cz

Submission rejected because of missing invalid votes.

This dataset contains overall number of votes, number of valid votes, percentage of valid votes. Number of invalid votes is then just one trivial calculation away. So, in my opinion, scoring the whole dataset as nonexistent is too harsh.

Dataset with same features got 100% last year, while the GODI criteria for election data were the same.
I am concerned that such a major inconsistency can jeopardize credibility of GODI :((

Thank you for the observation @mrbyi. The data is available in the resource and since it hasn’t changed it is definitely the same. We will change the submission but the characteristic for spoiled ballot and license will remain negative though.

Cool, thanks. I would consider the licence open, see Conditions for use and further dissemination of the CZSO statistical data | CZSO

yes, we took it into account and changed accordingly. Thank you

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