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were introduced to GODI’s Election Results and Methodology on the
page https://index.okfn.org/methodology/.
are convinced that the rating of 0% does not correspond to
truth is that the website is only available in Czech, but this should not be
related to the ability of users to work with election results as open

results of all elections are available on the www.volby.cz website since 2004 at
national level, but also at regional and municipal levels.
results are available up to the polling station level.
is a possibility to download the results in machine-readable format (XML, or DBF
in some cases).

for the individual criteria:

Results for major national electoral contests (such as general
publish data on the results of the elections to the Parliament of the Czech
Republic, election of the President and election to the European Parliament,
both in sum for the whole of the Republic and for individual regions and


Number of invalid votes and Number of spoiled votes Level of
to the electoral laws, invalid and spoiled votes can not be separated during
elections in the Czech Republic.
data on registered voters (Registered votes, “ZAPSANI_VOLICI”), voting voters,
and valid voices are found.
sum of Invalid and Spoiled Votes can be calculated for some types of

We ask you therefore for
further clarification or revision of your evaluation, or for recommendations on
what to add.

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Hi @durnik,

Thanks so much for your feedback. We will look into the case and get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best

Dear @durnik,

We have checked the resources and will change the submissions accordingly. The data is available but the resource you shared to download doesn’t contain the same data that is available in HTML form for the polling station level so that part we can’t count as bulk available.

Dear Oscar Montiel.

The source at http://www.volby.cz/opendata/ps2013/ps2013_dbf_20131026.zip provides mainly 2 data files in DBF format with all data from all polling stations:

  1. PST4p.dbf contains all votes (HLASY) for all parties (from “HLASY_01” to"HLASY_36" )
  2. PST4.dbf contains data on number of registered voters (VOL_SEZNAM), number of registered votes (ODEVZ_OBAL), number of valid votes (PL_HL_CELK)
    The DBF files can be easily opened in Microsoft Office Excel, Open Office Calc or other applications.

As you can see for example at Výsledky hlasování za územní celky | volby.cz the data available in HTML form do
not contain more information, except for voter turnout (Volební účast v %) which is not required by the methodology at https://index.okfn.org/methodology/
Therefore I believe our data should be counted as available at polling station level.