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Hi there,

I could only find tender data but no spending data.
Is it possible to give the link to a direct source?

Hi all. Just following up this question since I think it reports the wrong data. Currently Chile does not have open data in government spending. The dataset used to answer this question is only the public procurement data (ChileCompra, contract awards) but it does not include subsidies, salaries, or any other form of public spending at transactional level. Actually this dataset is the same one used for the Procurement question. Is it possible to review this entry for Chile?

Thanks! Felipe

As the reviewer I will say yes. I didnt accept it in full heart and I was looking mostly on this tool - http://www.analiza.cl/web/Modulos/Cubos/CubosOlap.aspx

Will be happy to fix it if I read it wrong.

Hi Mor, that webpage belongs to ChileCompra, which is the Chilean public procurement system, so it only reports data on contract awards. Data on spending (including subsidies and salaries) is only available at aggregated level (see Operación Mensual - DIPRES Institucional).

Ok, that is helpful.

I will make sure we then change it to “exist but not published in the the granular level” which mean a score of 0

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