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The link has not been working for me in the last 2 weeks. Does anyone have any idea what has happened, if it will work again? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Is data open, if only national citizens can access it?

http://map.land.gov.ua/kadastrova-karta works for me


Please explain why was it rejected? Maybe it’s just you?


Hi! I am afraid it still does not work for me. I assume the server isn’t down but I do get a 409 conflict error. I have also asked some friends to check and they get the same. I am attaching a print screen with the error.


Hi! I am from Ukraine and the server http://map.land.gov.ua/kadastrova-karta work for me. It’s good.


access to http://map.land.gov.ua/kadastrova-karta is restricted to Ukraine only, this is 100% sure
anyway this site will not let you know the land owners, only general information on the parcel

if you need owners’ names go to https://e.land.gov.ua/
authorization required


The authorization and owner names are available for free to anybody from Ukrainian citizens.


This category doesn’t require owners’ names but it any case it’s available after authentication and citizenship verification. Property type is available without registering.

The category also requires property value. It’s available too, but not for free.
BTW, couldn’t find any country which lists property value publicly and for free. I couldn’t verify whether Denmark has property value listed.

Here’s an example:

Тип власності:Комунальна власність
(Property Type: Community property)
Кадастровий номер = Parcel ID
Parcel Boundaries are visible but not in machine readable format
Property value can be ordered (not free)


I’m afraid you’d have to find some Ukrainian proxy and set up your browser to go through it.


Dear @vanuan, @AlfaCentavra, @vovka,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue we will follow up on your input, and will get back to you in the coming days.

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@vanuan I entirely agree that the data is somehow available online (after requesting access).

I would say:
the data is accessible only as access-controlled data, which is not entirely machine-readable (hence answered “no” in our survey), is not for free (property value must be paid), therefore also not openly licensed (since this contradicts one core requirement of open licensing, namely that “The license must not impose any fee arrangement, royalty, or other compensation or monetary remuneration as part of its conditions”), not downloadable at once (not downloadable at all).

Question is whether the data is provided in a timely fashion? What do you think @vanuan?


Well, it depends on what exactly meant by “property value”. If it means “the price property was sold last time” then yes, it is available in the property ownership registry, and is provided as soon as property rights are registered. If it means “current price” then no, hence property evaluation (i.e. market research) is required and several days is needed before data becomes available.


We kept this fairly open and accepted several information, e.g. price paid or property tax value. Is there any screenshot or URL you can add here so I can verify update frequency? That would be helpful


Well, there are screenshots here:

I can click around to show different dates but I’m not sure how it would prove the update frequency.
There’s no functionality to sort by recently sold properties.


The only proof I can provide is that there’s a law which regulates how property registry operates. And this service is directly connected to the property registry. So it’s as recent as it can theoretically get. I.e. it’s not updated from some first party source. It is the first party source.

P.S. of course there might be some IT security considerations so physically it’s probably using a read only replica of the registry. But it shouldn’t be more than few days old.