Entry for National Budget / Bulgaria




@yurukov - I need your help please!

Which file is the budget in this page? http://opendata.government.bg/organization/minfin

Google Translate is not helpful and I only need the budget file. Thanks!


Hi, I see that the budget CSVs are not available now. Probably an issue with the link in CKAN on the financial ministry site. These are all the Excel files that were voted in the budget. These put the planned spending in details in different areas. There’s also the proposals and legislation voted in on the same page, as well as the proposals for next year: https://www.minfin.bg/bg/page/1101

On http://opendata.government.bg/organization/minfin one can currently see the actual spending reports, municipality debt registry, daily payments (aggregated per topic). I’ll check why the CSV reports from those Excel sheets are not there.

Here you can see the budgets of 25% of the municipalities. More are joining the portal.


thanks Boyan, that is helpful!

I will make this the point of reference to the Index then: https://www.minfin.bg/bg/page/1101