Public spending in Norway described as "0 % open"!?!?


Claiming that Public Spending in Norway is “0 % open” is absurd. The government budget is available for everybody. You can type in your E-mail address, and the national budget will be sent to you as soon as it is available. After a budget period, the deviations from the budget are also made public.
Here is the current budget:

Similarly, the budgets and the deviations from the budgets are completely open also for counties and municipalities. E.g., here is the budget for the city Bergen:

GODI launch and public dialogue phase

Dear @JanOtto,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue phase we will follow up on your input and will get back to you in the coming days.

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Hi JanOtto, I work in the government (Difi), and submitted to the category (did not review)
The category is about government spending - not budgets.
There’s some data available (see “Details” for links):
But the data is on a higher level, and not on a transactional level.
Would of course be nice to get some points for what data is available. The index is rather strict on giving few or no points if the available dataset doesn’t fit the description.

You refer to a PDF, which is not open data. PDF is a digital format, but not a machine readable format, which it has to be in order to be open data.

Hope this helps. @dannylammerhirt can hopefully expand upon this in the coming days.

See more details about methodology here:


@JanOtto - thank you for the comment. I do agree with @livarb here that you are confusing two terms - government budget and government spending. Which are not the same? We will publish a blog post explaining them next week.

Also Livar, if we will give countries points on publishing high level spending data most countries will pass in flying colors, but this data is useless to actually track spending and help to improve it :frowning: