Entry for National Laws / Romania


This is a discussion about the submission for National Laws / Romania.

While copyright is claimed in the footer, Terms and Conditions (via machine translation) seem to refer to the copyright law which excludes such protection for official documents. Please confirm.


The submission points to an incomplete repository of the Chamber of Deputies. It should point to the repository of the Ministry of Justice, which is 100% open: http://legislatie.just.ro.


Thanks for the pointer @ovoicu. I’m looping our reviewer @alyssaopennorth into this thread. She is best positioned to check whether the data meets our criteria.



Thank you for the link @ovoicu. I will update the review to include the link, however I’ll keep the Chamber of Commerce as well. A cross-check reveals that the MoJ repository is equally incomplete, particularly in terms of historical data beyond 1989, therefore the two links together should provide ample resources. In terms of openness, the MoJ repository remains the same–the data is not downloadable at once and it’s not in a public domain.


First, I don’t know what you mean by „historical data beyond 1989” and how you reached this conclusion. And I don’t know what do you want to day by the Chamber of Commerce. This is about legislation, not trade.

The portal contains the entire legislation that is applicable today but not legislation that was revoked.

For example, it does contain the agreement between the Socialist Republic of Romania and the Republic of Turkey, which is still valid: http://legislatie.just.ro/Public/DetaliiDocument/45731 (probably the Chamber of Commerce can confirm). But it does not include the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Romania, which was repealed.

Second, if you read the terms of the website carefully (see: http://legislatie.just.ro/Public/Termeni), you will likely notice in the last paragraph that the legislation is not protected by copyright and the content of the website can be re-used freely. There is indeed a disclaimer saying that the content can not be used, for example, in Court, because by law only the Official Gazette is providing the legal reference. But this is a different story.

And finally, the content can be downloaded in bulk via API, using the instructions available here: http://legislatie.just.ro/ServiciulWebLegislatie.htm. However, there is no link to download the whole database directly from the browser but I guess that it is because technical reasons.


Hi @ovoicu

Thanks for the clarification. The data can count as openly licensed as you said. We could discuss if it is better practice to use a CC4 license or similar, which states clearly the forms of reuse possible (compilation, etc.). Just out of curiosity, it would be interesting to hear why no license similar like CC-BY or others is applied here.

For the API, is it possible to retrieve several documents at once .