How do we make corrections to existing data entries?

Github says the data is stored in Google spreadsheets and that how to find that Google spreadsheet is on the main website, but I don’t see those instructions on the main website.

I found a discussion topic in this forum that makes it seem very difficult for users to make corrections to existing data. Surely this can’t be true.

So I’m asking this question here to get an authoritative answer as to:

What is the process for making corrections to existing data?

At the moment you need to edit the backend spreadsheet

Happy to give you access if you agree to be sensible and behave respectfully :smile:

I also have a proposal for us to move to CSV in github as “database” which would make it easier to contribute: Switch to csv stored in github rather the google doc [discussion] · Issue #61 · okfn/ · GitHub


Another approach to requesting an edit is to simply make another entry via the Add a Portal menu option on

This will add a duplicate entry into the Google Sheet that Editors can resolve and then publish an update.

Not happy with Tell us how you think it should be fixed.

That would be fantastic! I work in government and you have my real name so
I promise to be good!


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Hi Alex,
Happy to run you through the sheet when you have access. I’m new to the editor role so if we get stuck or need the history or roadmap forward, we may need help from @rufuspollock or @mattfullerton.

Let me know when you’re ready.

@alexfriant i have given you access. Please ping @Stephen if you would like a walkthrough in how to contribute. Also would you be able to contribute if we moved to CSV in github?

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Thanks for the helpful tip.Yes I could definitely contribute to CSC in

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I’m going to close this topic now as it is complete and we now have editing of CSV in github - see Moving database to CSV in Github