Help Wanted - Community Sessions


I"m planning Community Sessions for Fall 2014. What topics or types of skillshares would you like to have?

See the programme details -
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I’d love to see something about looking at what kind of datasets people most want to get and which have been most challenging.

I also think a “finding and getting data” skillshare could be nice (focused on non-tech side - e.g. using google, using a spreadsheet etc).

I think a skillshare / session re OpenSpending would also be awesome.


HI Rufus, thanks for the input.

For Idea voting and collecting, the team setup a trello board -

Regarding finding and getting data - we do plan to host some in the near future. We hosted an OpenSpending Skillshare in the spring -

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Do we have a nice gallery / list of Skillshares to date (with things like the video embedded)? That would be cool!


Thanks for your question!

All notes are here and lists from previous sessions are on the wiki:

We have an Open Knowledge Community Sessions Playlist on the youtube channel:

  1. Open Knowledge Youtube Channel -
  2. Community Session Playlist -