If you missed it - meet OpenHeroines!

Hello all!

Last week a group of 90+ women (myself included) launched OpenHeroines, the first blog that is written by and about women in the open data, open gov and civic tech space.

You can read more about it on Medium - Open Heroines – Medium or follow the twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenHeroines

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Cool. I’ve been wondering for a long time why there isn’t a Workgroup on Diversity or Gender Equality. It’s a pressing issue and core system intervention to help deal with many other complex issues on all system levels. I have seen a lot of research based on data that is neither open data nor open access.

I stumbled upon this earlier GitHub - doubleunion/opendiversitydata for gender equality in organizations made at a women-only hackerspace in San Francisco. I thought it was so cool that I made a Swedish version here http://oppnamangfaldsdata.se/. That could be concrete case / simple prototype for OpenHeroines / potential OpenDiversity WG.

Also, I think OpenHeroines should be featured on Reconnesse - “Stories of Amazing Women of the Past and Present” - http://beta.reconesse.org/ :slight_smile: