Make new logo available as SVG on

My take on “some” media assets:

  • official Open Knowledge logos, banners, favicon, phone icons
  • working group logos, icons, etc. and a template to help build new ones
  • local group logos, icons, etc. for each country and a template to help build new ones
  • fonts
  • readme - who to contact for help, simplified branding guide (official colours, spacing, when to use small logo version).
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@Stephen Agreed. That’s a reasonable and great definition for a new repo.

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Can we go now with @Stephen’s definition of the new repo or do we need more discussion with this?
What about creating a new repo on GitHub keeping the asset repo on BitBucket intact for now?

What do you think, @sam and @rufuspollock ?


@jgkim Any update on this? I think it would be helpful. Perhaps it could also include slide and document templates as requested elsewhere.

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@Stephen, I was waiting for comments of @sam and @rufuspollock. :smile: Including slide and document templates is a good idea. If @rufuspollock is okay, then I can create a new repo and start gathering assets.

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@jgkim I think based on @sam and @rufuspollock’s comments above I think we should proceed. It would certainly help when setting up new local groups in this forum.

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Discourse could gain from implementing a poll function like :smile:
Edit: Perhaps we can use poll-function to move on? :smile:

I hope all new logos, slide templates can be uploaded to wiki. Especially logos at!

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@mattias there’s already a poll function.


OK, @Stephen. I will work on this. :wink: I’m gonna create a repo soon then let’s start collecting the existing assets.


Just dropping a reminder that the press page section about logos ought to link to the logo wiki page, since the latter doesn’t show up high on search results.

Yes I have pointed this out too. Are you able to add this link @Mor?

This is all going to be changed soon. In the meanwhile, logos are here:

@mor Great. I’m looking for Open Knowledge Sweden Logo in SVG. I checked official sources. Has anyone here got that?

I would also like to get my hand on OK local group logo vectors as described here, even if these are not official or so, we can make some meaningful use of those. There was a link to similar vector files on Open Transport working group web site, but this unfortunately leads to password protected area. Is there some reason not to publish those?

Try these